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Based in Chicago, Connoisseur wines was founded 30 years ago and has been a small, quality-focused company.


Yellow Brick Financials

  1. Bookkeeping Historical Clean Up – as a business owner, I am pulled in a million different directions and did not have time or interest in doing my books.
  2. Accounts Payables and Receivables – I paid my vendors on the honor system since I did not have the time or energy to validate if billing was duplicated or accurate.  I also only invoiced my clients on the weekends.  I did not have control of my cash flow or have a work-life balance.
  3. Payroll for New Employees – did not have a system in place to hire and pay new employees, including my own salary.
  4. My company was negatively impacted during Covid, due to the shutdown of borders and the majority of our clients and partners are overseas.


Yellow Brick Financials

  1. My books are now accurate and current, this has helped us strategically plan our growth.  Our firm currently has a location on the East Coast and is opening another location on the  West Coast.
  2. The oversight of the billing has allowed us to ensure we are not overpaying our vendors and also gives us insight on our costs, which is very important since we are evaluating decisions such as leasing a warehouse, owning a trucking fleet, and transportation of fine spirits.
  3. We are now growing and had to hire more employees. Yellow Brick has helped get our employees on payroll with an easy, inexpensive solution.
  4.  Connoisseur Wine is a stable and growing company.  Yellow Brick Financials, helped identify, qualify, and submit all the loans available to our firm.

Client Recommendation

Shannan Layette and her company, Yellow Brick Financials, has been a game changer for my company. She and her team have helped on tax work, communicated effectively, and have been a coach keeping us on point for due dates, and reports. With the challenges of COVID19, she communicated loan programs. We are also on a monthly goals program in order to analyze receivables, vendor procurement, future business plan build outs, profitability, and potential obstacles. I highly recommend her company’s services in these turbulent times and going forward.