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We use accounting data to help our clients develop budgets, financial projections, tax planning, and strategic plans to grow their business and see continued success. 

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We will help you make sound decisions in the areas of accounting and finance.

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Take the RISK out of your finances and plan for growth.

Accounting and finance is the language of business. You cannot make sound decisions without it. If you do, you risk making ill-advised decisions that can severely damage your company. Our CFO services help small businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions. See how our process works.

Avoid expensive business mistakes by relying on our proven success.

With our Fractional CFO service, you’ll get live, professional advice from experts with years of experience. Which is probably safer than guessing at your success.

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Fractional CFO Services

Get a headstart on your business with expert resources.

Our Fractional CFO services can help your business succeed and be more organized so you can focus on what you do best.

Many small businesses have big goals and aspirations, but have no way of tracking and measuring their performance. Our CFO Services will help identify financial goals based on targets or trending data and utilize our performance software to track and measure your financials goals.

With our CFO services, you will receive support in developing your budget and tracking the performance of your budget on an ongoing basis. Our CFO service will compare your actual performance to your budget, and highlight areas in which you can improve your profitability.

Our CFO’s will routinely assess the performance of your business and grade your financial health. You will receive comprehensive diagnostic reports that include key trends, ratios, and other financial data that is relevant to the operations of your business.

Most business services are not proactive about saving business owners in taxes. To do this, a small business CFO will utilize our tax planning software to predict your future tax obligations and identify key deductions and a tax strategy on lowering your tax burden.

Financial statements are necessary in order to grow your business. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows how to read and interpret them. Our CFOs will help you understand your financial statements and how to use them to make decisions.

The goal for every business owner is to grow their business. In order to grow, you need resources and insight to make the best decisions possible. Our CFOs will provide you with tips and tools to help you scale your business.

Fractional CFO Process

How Yellow Brick Financials will set you up for success from day one.

Initial consultation to conduct a high level review of your business financials.

CFO will develop a budget and targets based on your goals, prior financial performance, and industry conditions.

CFO will assess and report actual financial performance relative to the targets set on an ongoing basis.

CFO will help you develop strategic goals and financials plans to help you achieve them.

CFO will use your business bookkeeping and personal return to identify tax deductions and tax saving strategies.

CFO will provide ongoing support including evaluation of current strategy (revising as needed), monthly meetings, phone assistance, and planning.

"Shannan is not just a bookkeeper, she is like having a CFO who sits on my board."

Liz Bowman

Owner/Director at Eye Level of Northbrook, Math Reading & Writing

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